Learning communities focussed on the implementation in schools of the New Zealand Curriculum (2007)

Welcome to our New Zealand Curriculum Communities wiki!

This wiki is for members of a range of Auckland and Northland based, NZC learning communities - for sharing thinking, challenges and progress in the implementation of the NZC ( 2007)

He toa takitini taku toa, ehara i te toa takitahi

My strength was the strength of many, not just of one warrior

NZC learning communities, 2011.

We have three groupings of NZC communities in 2011:
  • Sandra and Margaret lead one group of NZCCs in Auckland, focussed on school leadership
  • Gayle, with Sandra's support, leads a second grouping of NZCCs, focussed on leading in learning areas
  • Lesley, with Gayle's support, leads a Northland based group of NZCCs, foussed on school leadership

There is a separate page for each of these groups, only for organisational information that is specific to the particular group (see menu). However, substantive NZC comment/discussion/resources should be situated on the themed pages, so that we can all share knowledge and practice.


The discussions related to this page (see tab) date from 2010, but they share some useful learning about PLGs; who will start a new discussion topic, the first in 2011? On this page or in relation to other pages?

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