Tips for how to use the wiki!

To load a document:

Go to the page of the wiki onto which you want to load a document, select edit and put your cursor where you think the document should go (usually top of the page, under the intro to the page, for new any additions).

Type a sentence of introduction to the document you are loading

Take cursor down a space and the select the little icon with a landscape on it ; you should be given the option in the next window of "upload documents" but if it is not there try doing it from home (sometime schools' and the university's systems don't let you upload).

Select "upload documents" and use "browse" to go into your own computer and select the document you want to share and "open", just like with an attachment

You should then have the window back with your document on the left - wait until it has finished uploading (usually the word icon appears, alongside the title of the document to signal this has happened)

Then double click on the document and it will appear where your cursor was (just click anywhere on the page to get rid of the options for "remove" etc)

Then save!

You can also use the following tutorials: - to guide your journey.