Readings RP#3

Will Richardson TED TALK.

Don't play journey yet-you're not ready

Will Richardson Very interesting presentation on ICT from ILE conference
Learning in a Networked World:

Learning in a Networked World: For our students and for ourselves

Learning in a Networked World: For our students and for ourselves

Raising Educational Achievement:

Why it Matters, What Has Been Tried, and Why It Hasn’t Worked

Dylan Wiliam Ohio Innovative Learning Environments Conference August 2011

Inspiring leaders to improve children’s lives

Performance beyond expectations

Executive Summary
Principal investigators: Andy Hargreaves and Alma Harris

Lessons from Ohio: Feedback

Lessons from Ohio

Designing Culturally Sensitive Learning Environments. Karen Ngeow, Karen Y.S. Kong

What will our teaching and learning environment 'look' like in 9 years? How would this vision of the future impact on our practice? (Mark Dashper)

Resources RP #2

I have attached some resources here that I referred to at the June RP#2 meeting. the first is two articles from the ASCD Educational Leadership magazine (May 2011 vol. entitled Schools, Families, Communities) the other one is a few pages from a little book entitled "conditions that support transfer fro change' Valerie H. Moye. I think it might be out of print but the diagrams may be useful.Posted by Susan Impey.

Here is the resource recommended to us by Heath at the June RP#2 meeting.


A sabbatical report from Jacqui Duncan 2010

Mark suggested we look at Edtalks, Claire Amos using teaching as inquiry to guide eLearning action plans

This is the interim report from the Prime Minister's Science Adviser, Sir Peter Gluckman, adolescents; does it ask similar questions to the NZC about what key competencies all of us need to develop in our young people

The use of student voice

It is important that the use of student voice is not an end in itself, but an effective practice for achieving access to and iprovimg student performance in NZC outcomes. This material was drawn together for Team Solutions by Dr Jenny Robertson.

external image msword.png Collecting Student voice (3).doc

The New Zealand Curriculum on-line

This site is constantly updated and provides a rich resource bank. Leaders of communities could both learn from the site themselves and encourage their members to learn from the site. We will try to keep you interested in the site by drawing your attention to resources we find interesting and useful.

Resources for RP#1 2011

This paper explains why changing teacher practice to benefit students is a complex and challenging process.

Thinking: a key competency

Thinking: Critical for Learning
This paper by Julia Atkin explores the role of thinking processes that are involved in powerful learning

Many of us have a great deal of respect for Julia Atkins' work. This might be a paper to use with your PLGs?

Finland's example?

Finland's schools are often held up as beacon schools for educators. Read this article and see what you think.
A BBC World News report by Tom Burridge


Professor Guy Claxton, Winchester University, has contributed a great deal to international thinking about what and how today's young people should learn - and he is supportive of the directions of the NZC. Here is some information about him.

And here is a copy of a powerpoint he used with the MoE; click on the icon.
external image
external image
NZ BLP Min of Ed Nov2008.ppt


**Why use e-portfolios? – seminar with Nick Rate**
In this summary of his recent breakfast presentation on e-portfolios, Nick highlights how schools can be assisted to improve learning outcomes, enabling increased student engagement and success.

Many schools are using e-potfolios more, the best of them to help students, teachers, familes and whanau work together to develop the student as a learner. At the most recent meetings of PLG leaders, we gave you a link to primary and secondary stories about electronic portfolios, which many of you explored. What do you think of this presentation on the topic? What are you thinkinbg about e-portfolios?


There are some great presentations from key people in the NZC development process, like Rose Hipkins and other NZCER researchers. at Could your PLG watch together one of these presentations, chosen for its reelvance to the group's goal?

Student Engagement in the Middle Years

Here is a literature review done by Jenny Poskitt on student engagement in the middle years. Our group has found it very useful in looking at student voice in its wider context.