This page is for resources related to more effective teaching, consistent with the NZC

A possible approach to planning for teaching consistent with the NZC

Please note:
  • This is not a step by step approach but a thinking tool
  • Amendments should be made by people considering the idea of this tool - and even then, it should be about a thinking process, not a formula
  • Standards of various kinds could be integrated in an additional assessment column? Other colums/layouts could enable other ways of thinking.

Teaching as Inquiry

(see also the pedagogy pages of the NZC)

Teaching as inquiry is an essential element of the NZC because it insists that we put students and their learning needs first. It is tempting to jump off a research finding related to say, Creating Supportive Learning Environments, by immediately acting on assumptions about how our own learning environment could be improved - but an inquiry will define what would be the most effective first step.

The BES Effective Pedagogy in the Social Sciences Tikanga a iwi

This research has a great deal to say about effective pedagogy in general, not only in this learning area. The approaches recommended are consistent with the Effective Pedagogy pages included in the NZC.