Your PLGs may be interested in progress nationally - and might use findings to guide the focus of the work they do in their schools?

ERO report now available (July 2011)

Directions for Learning: The New Zealand Curriculum Principles, and Teaching as Inquiry is now available on ERO's website:

Hard-copies of the report are being sent to schools.

Synthesis of current evaluations of implementation.

external image msword.png Conclusion to the Schagen Synthesis of Evaluations of progress in NZC Implementation.doc

In this report, a range of evaluations of the implementation of NZC is considered and then synthesised.

Dr Claire Sinnema's presentation to NZCC leaders March 2011

With many thanks to Claire, here are her slides; please use them with repect for her intellectual property.


Here is the final report from Claire Sinnema, The University of Auckland, in the Monitoring and Evaluating Curriculum Implementation (MECI) project

external image pdf.png 964_Monitoring-Evaluating-web[2].pdf

ERO Evaluation

ERO has recently reported on what reviewers found when they added to their school reviews questions about the implementation of the NZC