This page is for information and updates especially relevant to the group of NZCC leaders co-ordinated by Sandra Joseph and Margaret Bendall, usually focussed on school leadership.

Review and Planning Meeting #4 Thursday 27th October

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Morning session:9.00am-12.00pm

Heath McNeil
Gary Pasfield
Catherine Cyprian
Andrea Jamieson
Jane Hahn
Haydon Brill-Mangatangi
Sara Rogers
Sarah Parker
Alec Solomon

Afternoon session:1.00pm-4.00pm

Sheryll Ofner
Sarah Stenson
Maurie Jackways
Jennifer Glenn

Review and Planning Meetings.

In the 2011 phase of this project, we look forward to working with you in our Review and Planning Meetings, once a term, starting on 31st March.

Dates of 2011 meetings: 30th June, 8 September (please note the date change from 1st September), 27th October (all Thursdays and you know whether you are attending mornings or afternoons).

Action Plans

The cut off date for us to receive your draft Action Plan for feedback/approval/release of funding is: Friday 13th May at the latest (we can release your funding only when the Action Plan is received/approved). Please send these plans to Margaret.