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8th July
Thank you very much to Malcolm and Susan for uploading resources for us to access on the Te Ao Maori and Reading and Resources pages, following the RP#2 meeting. Sandra

Everyone renewed their commitment to the wiki today! Margaret

13th June. Sandra and Margaret's group - see the so page named to sign in for the RP2 sessions, as per your last email from us! Margaret

4th May
Hi there wiki watchers,if you have come this far you are nearly there! How about you share some of your great ideas on NZC implementation on this wiki to enrich the wiki's value for us all. Sandra

18th April Claire's slides now loaded: see NZC Implementation page. Many thanks, Claire! - Margaret

14th April
We are still waiting for Claire's slides - but I have now loaded onto this wiki the whole of the report from MECI - on the NZC Implementation page. Let's discuss some of what it means for our work, in the discussion space linked to that page (see tab at top of page) Margaret

12th April
For members of the Sandra/Margaret group! The deadline for receipt of the draft action plans is Friday 13th May. The date falls at the end of week two term two, not week one as stated in the NZC Learning Communities #4 email. Apologies for any confusion caused! Sandra

6th April. Good to see two new members have joined since our Auckland RP#1 2011 meeting! Good to see you, Malcolm and Ted. Margaret

5th April
If (as suggested by the NZC focus group convened by Sandra and Margaret), you intend to explore effective pedagogy further, the NZTC website has some very useful resources.( For example, The Code of Ethics for registered teachers is a great document for generating discussion. The RTC section of the website is of course most useful, as well as the resources used at the RTC national workshops. In that section the additional resources are also worth a look and are very easy to download. You may recognise some of the material we have shared with you at the RP meetings. Also, in the additional resources section are matrices that show the connections between the RTC, Ka Hikitia and the NZC.