2011 End-of-year Report

Here is the reporting framework for 2011. Please note, there are subtle differences from the 2010 report.

Please note: All reports must be completed by 25th November

Members of Gayle's NZC RP group need to have reports completed by 16th November

Action Plan Template

It should be:
  • Amended/completed/endorsed in consultation with your group (ideally you would table a draft for the group to consider)

End-of-year Report 2010

It is useful to "start with the end in sight"; alongside your Action Plan, keep referring back to the end-of-year reporting famework, downloadable here, to keep your PLG focussed?

Setting up your learning community

Some of you may want to refresh your group with new members? A draft letter of invitation to join your group / or a possible script for a phonecall follows, which leaders have found useful in the past.